About Us


Prime Insurance Company has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the insurance industry, and finding new and affordable insurance solutions. Prime Insurance Company Limited was first approved and granted an Insurance Licence on 1st October, 1991, under the provisions of the former Insurance Act, (1957) of the Laws of Malawi to underwrite general insurance risks. It was subsequently incorporated on 22nd January, 1992 as a limited company under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1984 of the Laws of Malawi. It is a wholly Malawian insurance company. Its stability and continued growth is a sound base from which it offers a wide range of non-life insurance products.

Exellence and Diversity

For us to succeed in the global marketplace, we must attract and retain the right skills and the best,most diverse,talent. In order to do this, we are focused on building the cultural dexterity and collaboration skills of every employee. Essential to our succes is our ability to continue to look at ourselves differently and expand how we think about ourselves as Prime Insurance Company. Our Employees must reflect the values and diversity of our clients, customers,and the communities we serve
Diversity and Inclusion is rooted in our Principals. As we are commited to,"treating people with dignity and repect," this is a promise that we make to our employeed and guides how we engagewith our customers, our community and our external partener. these values and principals hold true accross our enterprise.


In addition to organic growth, such as adding regional offices and new product offerings , the company makes selective partenerships to strengthen its niche operating environment.


Our knowledge of the industries we serve is the core of Prime Insurance Company's success; decades of experience provide us with an in-depth perspective of the unique issues specific to the markets we serve. Through active involvement in industry associations, trade organizations, events, conventions and meetings, our staff stays abreast of current issues and trends.
Each of the specialty insurance programs we offer has been carefully researched to best ensure that Prime Insurance Company is a consistent resource for competitive insurance products.The insurance marketplace is an ever-changing environment, but with effective planning, expertise and a desire to succed, Prime Insurance Company is positioned to remain a leader in the insurance industry.
having gained rich experience in working under varying market conditions, Prime is well positioned to face the competitive pressures with confidence and courage. Prime Insurance Company offers insurance products through a combination of exclusive agents and independent brokers. Our distributors act with honesty, integrity and hold themselves to a high ethical standard in their dealings.