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of Excellence

With an experience of over two decades, Prime has contributed to the growth and development of the Malawian Insurance Industry and is currently on of the leading general insurance companies in the country. Prime has a wider customer base.The Company offers a complete range of products. We have support from Reinsurance companies, that provides backup to enable us handle any magnitude of risk.

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Why Chose Us

Representation World wide
Our networks worldwide will make you close to us all the time wherever you go.
Simplified and easy process
With the modern technology we had made it simple for you. The entire process had brought Online and with some clicks you may get things going.
Assured Business Continuity
Our strong customer care team make sure that you are with us all the time.
Skilled professional team
We have a highly skilled professional team in different fields. Each product is dealt with an expert in that domain
Affordable and Competitive
Without compromising on quality we are here with the best and affordable price.
A Proud Malawian
As proud Malawian we are happy to serve you.

Our Secret Weapon
Core Values
Other Branches
Our Milestones
Mission & Vision
Our Secret Weapon
We are a team that truly understands corporate world demands, results and not mere window chit-chat.Essential to our success there is our ability to continue look ourselves different and expand on how we think about ourselves as prime insurance company.diversity and inclusion is looted in our principles.
Core Values
Professionalism,Quality Customer Service,Integrity,Transparency and Accountability
Other Branches

City Centre,Mangochi,Salima,Balaka,Karonga,Nchalo,Mzimba,Mponela,Songwe Border,Mwami Border,Dedza Border,Mwanza Border,Chiponde Border,Muloza Border


Our Milestones
We signed MOUs with the following

  • Malawi Building and Civil Engineering Contractors and Allied Traders(MABCATA)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises Association(SMEA)
  • Minibus Association of Malawi(MOAM)
  • Malawi Local Government Association(MALGA)

Mission & Vision

  • To be the general insurance company of choice to the public.
  • To provide a comprehensive range of a high quality insurance products in a manner that exceeds client expectation.